Thursday, August 8, 2013

Notes on the Three Sided Tape by LIL UGLY MANE

I don't know who Lil Ugly Mane is or what his background is. I'm not even sure he has a facebook, twitter, lastfm, or soundcloud. But that doesn't matter. What I do know is that albums like this exist on a level below the biggest cities, sifting in time in a netherworld. This is the internet at its grungiest, when things emerge into the mainstream, or rather, your own field of consciousness, your virtual vista. It's all meant to be a legend someday. There's surely some physical manifestation of Lil Ugly Mane, but I am currently unaware of it.

In some environments, I have learned more about some rising through the surface. I know what BirdyEarns looks like: bearded, and tall and lanky, with Goofy-posture. Hairybo has taken apprentices up (like a woodcarver or a smith) and formed HinterLand Recordings. I know that Khepra is only about 19 from the small bio given on his bandcamp page.

The Three Sided Tape specifically, what does it comprise of? In fact, an admirably eclectric range, everything from dirty a.f. rap to scintillating scores of strobing, John Carpenter-like material. But also Mane's great musical sense, and how each of these "sides", eventually turn into pits, descending...We fall into a roll, and we hear a repeating "JESUS BLEEDS"--then softly spoken meditations on science. But because music is all about the entering process of intense beats, that downloading into your ear of the beat to your brain taking in that track, and allowing and earning these situations, the gestures of LIL UGLY MANE end up affecting me in a full musical lull... This softly approaching wave goes unnoticed, and thus you are treated to an eclectic and constantly affecting ebb and flow. JESUS BLEEDS namaste.


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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate Screenshots

My favorite thing about Tsui Hark's film is his playful use of his medium, which means I like the way he uses his greatest potential hazard: CGI. While CGI occasionally gives the film a fake look, there are other times where it absolutely works. Although my experience watching the film was marred by a horrid english dub, here are a few images I was compelled to share.